About Us

Welcome to A Month Of Sundays!



I’m j, a writer who likes to play with my camera. My best friend jb is a photographer who likes to write. She says words are the language of my soul and pictures are the language of hers. I think that’s poetic. (I admit. She is better with my language than I am with hers.)


We created A Month Of Sundays so we could play together, which we don’t get to do nearly enough. Here’s our plan. All week long we’ll take pictures, and then on Sunday we’ll each post one, along with a few words about it, and it’ll be fun (and surprising, and gorgeous, and touching, and funny, because that’s what happens when you’re motivated by love and an urge to play).


Judy Clement Wall is a writer. She blogs about life, love and cheesecake at Zebra Sounds.

Jill Bernhardt is a superhero mom. When she isn’t here playing with j and all of you, she is teaching her son how to save the world. (Here’s proof!)

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  1. This is totally adorable!

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