Rainy day puddles + first pair of rain boots since my childhood = happy me!

For years I have struggled with the idea of buying rain boots. (“Struggled?” you ask. Seriously?) Okay, clearly, not my biggest life struggle, but struggle is still accurate. Primarily because I am money conscious and practical, and I do not enjoy shopping – especially for clothes. (My favorite thing about Star Trek? Everyone wore those “unitard” clothes. That would be awesome! No more worries about what to wear or what fashion law I’m breaking every morning. Think of how stress-free that would be! Think of the time savings! I’m convinced that unitards are the reason they had the time and energy to explore the galaxy. Oh when, oh when, will this happy future come? Sigh… I digress…)

My practical brain says, “it doesn’t rain here that often, so rain boots might not get regular use”. But it also knows that when it does rain, we often get flooding because our area is just not prepared for heavy rain. Which means puddles. Which means soggy feet. Which means cold, miserable me. But is it worth it to have a pair of shoes just for those days? I haven’t had rain boots since I was a kid. Until now…

Until I saw the happiest boots on earth, in my size, on sale. Even still, I kept them in the box with the receipt, waiting to see if we’d get enough rain this season to make them a worthwhile expenditure. (And secretly convinced that the mere act of my finally buying rain boots would bring on the driest winter in our history.) And then it rained. It stormed. It flooded. It puddled! And I put my boots to the test. Let me tell you…  It was AWESOME! The parking lot at my son’s school flooded – several inches deep. But I was unstoppable. No more time wasted dodging puddles for me, the shortest distance between two points was once again a straight line. And walking through puddles? Oh. So. FUN!! No more standing back, trying to keep my feet dry while my kid splashed and jumped in puddles. Now, we can splash together.

Yes, I’m a rain boot believer now. I wish I could buy a pair for everyone and there would be peace, joy and  happiness in the world – at least on rainy days.

And now, I’m curious… what makes your rainy days better? (Now that I have rain boots, I don’t want to miss out on any more rainy day fun. I have a lot of catching up to do!)