Bowling was one of my recent “family fun” experiments. My son had never bowled before and I’d bowled only once. (Years ago. It was a required “fun” team-building event for work. Ugh. I was so stressed out about having to learn to bowl in front of the whole office and about all the work that was piling up on my desk while I was having “fun” bowling. I was miserable.) Guess what? Our family loves bowling together!

But what I love most of all, is my son’s unique bowling technique. He is the Zen bowler. He hurls the ball with all his might (occasionally so hard that it goes into another lane – oops!). But once he releases the ball, he turns around and walks away with a big smile on his face. Seriously. He doesn’t wait to see which pins are knocked down. He doesn’t try to use Jedi powers to “help” the ball knock down the pins. (Yes, I am guilty of that.) He doesn’t try to steer the ball kinetically by twisting and contorting his body in the direction he wants it to go like most bowlers. (FYI… this makes for some hilarious people-watching opportunities!)

It occurred to me that his Zen bowling technique is the key to a peaceful, productive life. Instead of sacrificing a night’s sleep, or a day’s productivity, by letting my brain chew on a problem that I can’t do anything about, I need to just know that I gave the ball my best throw, forget about it and deal with the remaining pins on the next throw.


And to think I’ve been trying to learn meditation, when I really just needed to have family bowling night. Who knew?

So now I’m curious… what unexpected life lessons have you learned from an activity or hobby?