It was one of those days. I was just “blah”, not for one specific reason, but for a bunch of little reasons. Any other day, those little reasons would have glided off me like water on a duck’s back. But on this particular day, all those little reasons combined and stuck to me like tar and feathers. They were a force that defies both coffee and logic, like – “Hey, there are worse things in the world”, “Count your blessings”, “But it’s a beautiful cloudy day; you can make soup!” – logic and coffee  usually works for me. To put it in technical terms, I was in a “funk”.

I was sick of this funk, but all my attempts to escape it had failed – which only added to my funk. (Curse you, diabolical funk logic!) Later that afternoon, I picked my son up from his appointment and he decided he wanted to play in the dirt, looking for special rocks, before going home. Which was fine, it’s one of his favorite activities. But it’s not one that I’m including in and it’s one that can go on for hours without end and there was nothing around for me to do. Zip. Nada. Nothing. This did not relieve my funk.

Until… I saw one leaf, alone on the dirt – one small, star-shaped, bright-fall-red leaf. Without thinking I reached for my phone and started taking pictures, playing with different camera app settings until I got this one. And magically, the blahs fell away, like leaves from a tree. Saved, at last, by a funky leaf picture.