My 7 yo has a collection of “special” rocks. And by special, I mean any rock he finds. Even gravel. Even rocks that are actually a clump of dried mud. Why? “Because they are all special, Mom…”

He collects rocks everywhere, especially at the beach. I have a hard time limiting his collection, (especially at the beach, where I am usually collecting sea glass and can’t really make a good argument for not collecting). So I put his rocks in a “special” basket on the front porch. And, when the basket is full, I admit (not proudly) that some of the rocks get “set free” to be found again.

But last weekend, my son created this bit of awesome happiness from some of his special rocks – just for me! The faces make me laugh out loud and the “love” fills my heart with joy, every time I seem them! Now, I finally see what he sees; what was so special about these “ordinary” rocks.

And now I want to make a bunch more of these special, smiling rocks and set them free. (Because I’m never setting mine free – they’re way too special!) Wouldn’t it be amazing to be going along your ordinary day and come across a rock smiling at you? Now that would be pretty special.