Mmmmm…. cookies

Even though summer is my favorite season, there are definitely some lovely things about fall. We had our first, foggy, rainy, overcast days of fall this week. Something about fall weather makes me want to cook soup, read books, light a fire in the fireplace, snuggle with my little boy and bake. All of which I did this past week – even though the fall weather only lasted about two days before the sunshine returned, I put them to good use!

During that time, I found an outstanding recipe for peanut butter cookies that is gluten and casein free. And let me just be clear, I only like peanut butter in sandwiches and in my sister’s peanut butter cookies (which alas, I have not been able to convert to GFCF). But these cookies are amazing! Not amazing for GFCF food, I mean amazing! And easy to make! And irresistible! It’s a wonder there were enough left to take this picture. I found the recipe on my new favorite GFCF blog Gluten Free Girl and the Chef 

And in case you’re in the mood for soup – this is the Kale and White Bean Soup recipe from Epicurious I made this week. (Don’t be afraid – it’s easy to make and delicious. Even my son loves it!)

How about you? What do you feel like doing when the seasons change? Please share – we’ll have our own online fall festival.