So, true confessions time. I collect art supplies. I can easily spend hours in an art store just checking out all the supplies, having a right-brain-field-trip, imagining what everything’s for and what I could do with them. Actually, the collection part is unintentional. I buy art supplies with the intention of using them, with the hope that this shiny-new-irresistibly-fun-art-thingy will finally be the one that I make time to use. But no, it ends up on the shelf or in the closet with the previously shiny-new-irresistibly-fun-art-thingies, neatly organized and waiting for the stars to align and my to-do list to clear, to finally make it’s debut.

Recently, I had to make some posters for my son’s school fundraiser. So I broke out my sharpies. All 70 of them.  Yep, 70 different sharpies, all in their unopened packages with exciting names for each collection like “80’s Retro” and “Caribbean Colors” in addition to the “primary colors” collection. I created posters, my son helped draw pictures and we had FUN, FUN, FUN!

But then the posters were done and it was time to put everything away. And here’s the happy accident part. After I carefully put each marker back in it’s own package, I stretched up to put them back on the top shelf in the closet and the markers rained down everywhere. Everywhere! Some of them must have hit me on the head because I immediately thought “Well, clearly they don’t want to live in the dark closet anymore” and I grabbed three little thrift-shop buckets (that were part of my other collection called “someday I’m going to do something with this”) and viola! Now the rainbow of markers lives on my desk, ready to respond to any creativity emergency. Don’t they look happy?