A sign of the times…

I don’t think this is what they meant by “Authorized Vehicles Only”.

Driving home alone at the end of a long day, I saw this scene – and it set my brain on fire. I flipped a quick u-turn, parked, grabbed my camera, ran to the scene, snapped a shot before the light faded completely and ran back to my car – all in less than five minutes.

Honestly, it was the dark humor, in the contrast between the official government sign and the homeless people’s shopping carts, which initially caught my eye. But then I couldn’t let go of the questions burning in my brain. Clearly there’s a story here, or more likely, three stories. Where were the owners of the carts? What do they do at night? When it rains? When it’s cold? How did they get to the point where a shopping cart held all their possessions? What do they miss about their old life? Are there things that they like about this life? What lessons would they have to share if they could tell us?

They say “every picture tells a story” but maybe it’s more accurate to say “every picture holds a story” – it’s up to us to find out what it is.