Look! It’s a sign! (A little blurry from my camera phone, sorry.)

jb: Recently, I had the absolute luxury of visiting one of my favorite independent bookstores. Bookstores – especially Indie and/or used bookstores – are actually portals that transport me to wonderful, magical lands where all my worries are washed away, time stops, my left brain finally shuts up (or at least quiets down considerably. Getting it to stop may require sedation…) and my right brain reigns supreme. Someday, I’m going to live in an Indie book store…

Unlike the big-box bookstores (which I also enjoy – but, given the choice, I’ll pick an indie or used bookstore first), Indie bookstores just have so much character – such as cats named Isbn that live there or an old fashioned bathtub filled with pillows that you can sit in and read. But most of all, these stores are staffed with people who love, love, love books and are not afraid to show it – like the picture I snapped above, which made me laugh and then add the book to my reading list.

Funny signs (intentional or not) are another of my photography collections. Do you guys have any sign pictures to share? Post them in the comments below; I can’t wait to see.  How about favorite bookstores? What makes them special to you?