Happy Meal!

jb: Earlier this summer, my son and I were at an all day fun event (okay, okay, I confess – it was Maker Faire – one of my favorite events of the year!). We finally broke away from the sensory overload to get some dinner.  We looked down at our plate and broke out laughing – now that’s what I call a “Happy Meal!”

I love finding smiling objects; I try to take pictures of them whenever I can and am working on a collection. (Here’s another one). The funny thing is that once you notice one, you start seeing them everywhere – often, just when you need a smile most. 🙂

** Update 8/2: Does anyone else have “found smile” photos? If so, please share in the comments section – I’d love to see them! (Thank you, Estrella, for the idea and for going first.) **