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jb: During my recent summer wanderings, I discovered Swanton’s Berry Farm. Not only were the strawberries organic and delicious (way better than the ones I grow in my backyard!) but the place was so peaceful – it was like visiting another world. There’s strawberry picking with an ocean view, a Slow Coast store in an old Airstream Trailer (I’ve always been inexplicably in love with Airstream Trailers) and an adorable store decorated with antique signs, collectibles and games (to be played with – yay!). Not too mention every imaginable berry flavored treat (strawberry lemonade, strawberry hot cider, berry truffles, berry mini-cheese cakes and a jam tasting bar – mmmmmm.) But most impressive of all was the trust – you weigh and pay for the berries you pick on the honor system. The treats are sold on the honor system, too. Yep. The till is right there, wide-open on the counter and you make your own change. There’s nothing like being surrounded by goodwill, strawberries, the ocean and photo ops to feed my soul.