Well, our 2-week break became a month long break due to vacations, etc. But we’re back and we’ve got a plan.

As you may remember, “A Month of Sundays” was our first creative project together (despite the fact that we’ve been best friends talking about “doing a project together” for 20 years). It was a joy to finally make something together, to have a weekly sneak peek into each other’s lives that email, geography, insane traffic and restaurants that close way-too-damn-early don’t regularly allow us. The year flew by. In the blink of an eye we went from, “Hey, how about this idea?” to “Can we really do this?” which lead to “Yay! We’re live!” and then “How can it be 52 weeks and we’re done already?”

So now what? Neither of us wants to let “A Month of Sundays” go, and yet we know it can’t continue in its same format, because we’re each in a different place than we were a year ago. After many conversations and emails, a lot of deep thought and dogged consultation with a magic 8-ball, here’s where we stand…

j’s stand

j: Feeling like I have my fingers in one too many (super delicious) pies right now, so while I won’t be posting weekly, I’ll post occasionally (as long as jb lets me), and I’ll certainly comment and dance and make exuberant noises (because I am in continual awe of what jb can do with a camera).

jb’s stand

jb: Despite taking on additional volunteer commitments this year (or perhaps because of it), I’ve decided to hold down the AMOS fort with weekly pictures and posts each Sunday. Photography has always been my passion, but I’ve never been brave enough to start my own photo blog before. After a year of AMOS with j, I finally have the courage to give it a try. Plus, it’s the perfect “excuse” to learn photography at a deeper level — something that’s been on my “someday” list for half my life already. I’m hopeful that the creative challenge of posting for AMOS will save (at least some of) my sanity in the coming year. And the excitement of cheering on j and keeping up with all her super-amazing projects will help save the rest of it. I tell ya, the girl’s on fire! (And oh yeah, you are welcome to post on AMOS any time, j. I wouldn’t be here without you – thank you!)