j: We had friends over last night for homemade pizza and margaritas (our nod to Cinco De Mayo), and I was excited, all sort of Linus-in-the-pumpkin patch, waiting for the super moon to rise. I kept sneaking out of the house to look for the moon. At some point I realized that a portion of the sky was glowing, but all the houses were in my way and I couldn’t see the moon itself. So I ran inside and told everyone to follow me to the end of our street, where the moon was waiting for us, as big and bright and beautiful as promised. I howled, and because I was there with my pack, they all howled back, and I knew I was way luckier than Linus.

I confess I didn’t take this picture, Chad did, with his tripod and his over-sized patience. (I did thank him profusely.)

Did you find a place to look up?

Someday once again…

jb:  For ages, my son-the-train-fanatic, has heard “we’ll take you to the train museum someday”. At last, someday came today. The museum is in far away old town Sacramento, and since we were there for other reasons, today became someday. It’s a pretty cool place, two stories of real (not model) trains from all throughout history. (Yes, they even had trains on the 2nd floor – crazy!) But, as I suspected, the millions of “DO NOT TOUCH” signs in the place did make the fun wear off more quickly for him, even though he’s a good sport. However, they were smart enough to include toy train tables at the end of the museum — a full-on, “PLEASE TOUCH” zone to reward the kids for all their not touching. And even though my guy has “graduated” from Thomas trains to Lego trains, the lure was understandably irresistible to him. Which led to my favorite photos of the day, my not-so-little guy thoroughly enjoying playing with Thomas trains again.