j: We were Prosecco tasting with good friends and one of them took the wires and cork tops from each bottle we opened (why yes, it was a FUN night) and fashioned them into these little chairs, which I placed around a cork table. They make me a little bit giddy every time I see them.

a treasure

jb: I LOVE the ocean — any day, any time, any weather. It’s one of the few places on earth that I feel at peace, at home. I love photography (almost) as much as the ocean, but I rarely take pictures at the beach. I’ve tried many times, but the pictures just don’t capture what I feel. Last week we went to San Diego for spring break and stayed right on the beach. In between trips to Legoland, Sea World and the Museum of Making Music (which is AWESOME!) I got to spend some glorious time walking the beach, finding sea treasures and letting the ocean’s sights, sound, smells and tastes recharge my soul’s very drained batteries. I even tried taking some pictures; this one is one of my favorites.