jb: I LOVE dying Easter eggs! My son and I do it together every year and it’s hard to tell who’s having more fun! (I have no idea why we only do it once a year, especially since I make hard boiled eggs every week for breakfast. Hmmm…) I love seeing how excited he is and how his creative style changes every year. This year, he was frenetic (picture Jackson Pollack dying eggs…) moving the egg from color to color quickly and getting beautiful marble patterns that were too subtle to capture well in my picture.  He was bummed when he learned that there was no white crayon in the egg dye kit until I explained he could use any of his (five hundred kabillion) crayons and he was excited all over again and chose (only!) two colored ones.

My favorite of his is the one in front — it’s not a “J” it’s a “4” (turn sideways) because that was the 4th egg he colored. (Nope. None of the other eggs were numbered. Just that one.) I love how free he is to experiment and play and create and enjoy the process — it’s like watching pure joy. And I wonder if I was ever like that? If so, when did I stop? And why? I wish I hadn’t stopped because it’s a lot harder to (re-)learn now. But I’m awfully grateful to have him as my teacher.

j: This was mine and Chad’s view standing on Treasure Island looking across the bay at the San Francisco skyline on April 4th after the sun went down (an event I also have pictures of). It was our 25th anniversary, but Chad said it was our first, for reasons too complicated to write about here. It was a beautiful thing to say though… lit me up inside, just like this skyline.