j: Though the forecast called for rain, the weather held out for my friend and me on Saturday, and we were able to take a long walk along the shore of Lake Folsom. I brought my camera as I always do, but I got lost in our conversational terrain (where we wandered through love and family, over fitness and nature, into and out of spirituality, language, books and friendship, scaled the scary peaks of personal evolution). I kept forgetting to capture the physical beauty of our surroundings, except for when we came upon THIS guy, stretched across our path. Unimpressed and unmoved by us, he simply sat patiently licking the air, waiting for us to pass.

a couple walking through rainbows

jb: It was a long, stressful week. (Didn’t I have one of those last week?) Today was gratefully full of “just what I needed to hear” messages, family fun time and visual reminders of beautiful moments. Thank goodness.