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The Metal Man

jb: Twice a week, my son and I drive past the “metal man” overlooking a marsh and a pedestrian bridge as we rush from A to B and back again. And every time I say, “Let’s go see that metal man and the marsh someday” and my son says “Yeah, and let’s walk across that bridge”.

This week, my son had a day off from school and for once we didn’t have any appointments or anything urgent to do. So I declared it was “someday”. We drove to the metal man, took pictures with him, walked through the marsh, found treasures (rocks), took pictures (my treasures), watched wildlife, sang songs with made-up words and made wishes on cattails and pulled on them until they exploded everywhere. Then we hiked 1.1 miles (because my distance estimation skills are non-existent weak) to the next surprise – the pedestrian bridge over the freeway. And even though he was tired, when he stood in the middle of the bridge while a big blue semi-truck drove underneath us and an amazing number of friendly people honked and waved he declared “this is AWESOME!”.

But most of all, we just got to spend time together doing “someday things”. Which is a rare and wonderful treat. Someday should come more often.

j: This picture is in response to our dinner date this week – to our meet-in-the-middle goofballery,  the no-vegetarian-salads, the (delicious plan B) soup, the bread, the half-priced wine, the hours spent talking (and talking and talking), the laughter, the tears, the hugs.

Oh, and those little bra thingies, too.