j: Hiked the Marin Headlands yesterday with a group of beautiful women. At some point, working my ass off to keep up with the fastest among us (a woman who told me she’ll turn 70 this year!), I was breathing hard, feeling my legs and the blisters that were forming in my brand new boots, passing snakes and watching hawks sail gracefully over my head, and I thought, “THIS is my gym. And my church. And my meditation mat. And my sacred space.”

How could anyone who has ever hiked a trail be anything other than an environmentalist, hell-bent on protecting the planet?

jb: My week has been emotional, busy, exhausting, painful and confusing, to say the least. All of which made me appreciate the little moments of joy that were magically sprinkled in that much more. This picture is one of those moments.

As you know, I’ve always wanted to be able to draw. (And no, I didn’t draw this picture. Maybe someday…) And you also know photography is my first love. A friend introduced me to this app (Paper Camera) that combines the best of both worlds. It’s the best $0.25 I’ve ever spent. (It’s on sale this week!) Now my phone draws for me – instantly – and my photos look like something from the “All Over Coffee” guy. (My hero!) But, you know, instantly. I like instantly. I have time for instantly. Plus, it’s like having a new set of eyes. Everything I see through my phone camera is magically transformed. (It reminds me of when I used to shoot black and white film – how much I loved seeing how even ordinary objects looked more interesting in shades of black and white.)

But most of all, it reminded me that sometimes the best thing you can do is look at a situation differently. And take a moment to enjoy whatever you can.