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j: It took this tree in my backyard forever to lose its leaves this year. And now, signs of Spring in February. I’m mesmerized. A similar unfurling is happening in me.

jb: The experience of getting back on my snow board after an 8-year hiatus was many things – scary, exciting, humbling, tearful and joyful – to name a few. I didn’t expect it to be enlightening, but it was. In that moment when the reality of getting on to the lift was no longer avoidable, I finally realized, in a very real and tangible way, how much of my previous life I had left behind, bit by little bit, and sadly, how little me there was left in me. As I got off the lift and swooshed  (successfully!) down the hill, I resolved to return the good bits of my past life to my current life and put the me back in me again. Best of all, my son got to see me board down the hill and I heard him yell “Mom! You are awesome!”