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j: Today Chad and I went hiking in the hills of South Livermore. It was beautiful today, and I took pictures of creeks and steep rocky outcroppings and birds and a bridge and all manner of pretty. But my favorite part was just beyond the “Stay Out Of Here” sign, along the road to the Del Valle Dam, where I fell in love with two old, decrepit barns. They had devolved (or evolved, depending on your point of view) until now they seemed part of the hills themselves, like the trees and the dirt and the sky. I took lots of pictures (which I’ll post on Facebook), but I wanted to share this one with you. And confess my old barn love, which I’m not sure I’ve ever shared with you before.

jb: The one thing my son was looking forward to more than anything during this school break (even more than going to the snow) was seeing his 2nd grade “cousin’s” basketball game. Which is exactly what we did yesterday and it was so fun! His mom, Kris, is one of my oldest friends (shockingly, even longer than you, j, because I met her in 7th grade math class!) and (like you) I never get to spend enough time with her. Plus, it is such a joy to see our two boys playing together, as if they were the brothers that they both would like to have. And, (bonus!) I got to practice doing sports photography – which I’ve never done before. Yay! All in all, yesterday was a happy soul day.

P.S. I’m not comfortable posting pictures of kids without permission – that’s why I cropped this shot to exclude their faces. Didn’t want you to think that I took their picture and forgot to include their heads – ha! But I do think it’s neato how you can still see all the action; those kids played hard!