Giant rental lense and official Photo Team “badge”

jb: This week was different from any other week in my life. Ever. I was happily chosen to be part of the photography team for my son’s school play. (Which is a huge production, in a real theater with sets and sounds systems and lights and everything. Not your usual school-play-in-the-cafeteria scenario.) In the past week, I spent 17 hours photographing 7 shows, performed by 3 different casts, shot almost 6,000 pictures and spent 6 hours (and counting) backing up and editing those pictures. Any way you look at it, that’s a lot of numbers for one week.

In the end, my body was tired from running up and down (and sometimes climbing over and even standing on) rows of seats for hours with an (awesomely!) huge rental lens for my camera. My brain and eyes were tired from squinting into my viewfinder and sorting through thousands of pictures on my computer long into the night, trying to decide which 100 were the best to use for the posters and programs.

But the thing that can’t be quantified is how deliriously happy my soul was the entire time. I never felt tired (okay, except maybe when I was still editing at 4am, knowing that I had to be up in 3 hours) because I was so thrilled to be behind a camera again, trying to find the best way to capture scenes, actors and sets. To attempt to make the camera record what I see in my mind so I can share it with everyone.

This week, I (re-) learned that when you’re soul is happy, your body and brain will go along for the ride, because it’s worth it.

j: Because if one plastic pink flamingo is good, fifteen are way better!