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jb: I’m feeling both excited and stressed about the things that are on my plate next week. I keep bouncing up and down between “whoo-hoo!” and “oh, crap!” with occasional detours to “what the heck was i thinking?!?” in between.

So I took this opportunity to stop and smell the roses, literally. Here’s the virtual version, in case you could use a moment of peace, too.


j: I filled this stillness with my footfalls, in step with someone I love. I filled it with the words from our conversation, which roamed fearlessly, everywhere. I filled it with the exhilaration of knowing that we could go anywhere, that only time stopped us, and that’s okay. It’s time that will allow us to explore later the terrain we left untouched today. I filled it with breath and the loosening of my limbs and the release of my tension… the simple unraveling that love can bring.

Which made room, of course, for the stillness to come inside and fill up me.