j: When we made the video for the launch of A Human Thing, we started with a file full of images (144 photographs/video clips) that I’d taken over weeks of preparation. I’d labeled each image, matching it up with words from the love manifesto. In the final cut, some footage didn’t make it… I had more images than Juliana Finch had music. I was sad this one got cut, so I’m sharing with you. It was labeled “BEAUTY.”

The view from half time (with a cameo from Hawk Dude!)

jb: Today was a total treat… a rare lazy (and rainy – so no guilt about staying indoors) Sunday. Fed my soul in the morning, followed by a quick trip to the farmers’ market, a visit with my niece (who I miss and don’t get to see enough), making cookies with her and my son and then… I introduced my son to football. Seriously. Today, we watched his first game! I explained it all, just like my dad did for me when I was little. Of course, I taught him the all important “Let’s go Niners!” cheer (and then that it could be reused to cheer for just about anything. “Let’s go dinner, let’s go!”). He was a total trooper. But what I liked most, was remembering that the best part of football, to me, has always been hanging out with someone you love.