j: This is me and Chad reflected in a big red ornament hung from the ceiling of a decked out Macy’s on Union Square in San Francisco. I love this picture. We didn’t buy anything, just found the bathroom (which I was in desperate need of), and then this ornament, which was just the right size for our goofballery. ‘Tis the season!


jb: In my town, there are bulldozers that scoop up the leaves from the streets and put them in huge piles (were talking 4-feet-irresistibly-high-huge piles) in a central location in each neighborhood. Then other, bigger, scooper trucks come and load the leaves into dump trucks and haul them off to some secret destination. (I like to imagine that they’re taking them to another neighborhood for kids to enjoy – like a fall leaf circus tour. But my logical brain suspects it’s probably to the dump. Or, preferably, to the world’s largest compost pile.)

Lucky for us, one of the big leaf pile locations is right across the street from our house. We never know when “leaf day” will be – but it’s always a treat to see construction vehicles zipping around scooping and dumping. When my son was about 3 years old and thoroughly enamored with everything construction related, we used to run outside as soon as we heard the “leaf trucks” and watch the whole show. Best of all, the city workers driving the leaf trucks would get so happy seeing my son watch them! These big tough guys, with tattoos and ponytails, would honk and wave and smile and put on a great show just for us. On more than one occasion, it occurred to me that they were really just big boys playing trucks. Maybe when they were little, their mom’s watched the leaf trucks with them, too.

Now my son is at school during leaf day and we don’t get to watch it together anymore. I happened to be home during leaf day this week, so I took this picture to remind us of all the other leaf days that I didn’t take pictures of, but are happily stored in my mental photo album.