jb:  Our home is undergoing a transfer of power. For the past 5 years, trains, especially Thomas-the-train and all things Sodor, have reigned supreme. There were no rivals. There were toys and then there were Thomas-the-train toys. Period. While I will always have fond memories of our days (and weeks and months and years) with Thomas, and even though I’ve always made a point not to wish any of my child’s phases away (partly because the next phase could be worse), I must admit that I welcome the change in toy options.

Slowly, Legos have started creeping in and I love all the fascinating creations – some of which have even been allowed to take over portions of the beloved train table. But most recently, this guy (affectionately known as “Hawk Dude” because he has a hawk mask, but mostly because I can’t remember his real name) has started making appearances.

And I LOVE Hawk Dude! He pops up in the most random places, hanging from the closet doorknob, the microwave, the top of the lampshade, even the toilet (lid closed, thankfully!) and every time he has this awesome attitude pose that just screams “I CONQUERED THIS!” — which never fails to crack me up.

No doubt Hawk Dude will find his way to the train table eventually and face-off with Thomas. But hopefully Hawk Dude will show due respect to the first king of the toys, and remember that his reign won’t last forever either.

j: I love when a day just suddenly decides to take my breath away.