j: On a walk somewhere beautiful, waiting for Lexi to finish her business so that I could get rid of the evidence that the world is indeed her toilet, I looked up into the branches above my head and this is what I saw. There was something magical in it, in the light and the shadows and the just-turning leaves… It was a Sunday, and what I felt was reverence… the kind I never felt in all my years of going to church.

(And there you have it: j’s life. The sacred and the profane.)

my daily smile

jb: The past few weeks have been stressful, frustrating, tiring, unpredictable and bumpy. The bumpiness has many causes, not the least of which is that the cold-and-flu fairy has moved in and is apparently making herself damn comfortable at our house for the winter. (Just one more reason why I love summer so much more than winter…)

On the other hand, I know two families who were recently visited by the cancer fairy and another family who was visited by the take-the-baby-to-the-emergency-room fairy and another by the my-son-needs-emergency-surgery fairy. So, I’m grateful I just have bumps instead of boulders in the road.

And that’s why I keep this note where I can see it often throughout each day. It reminds me of what’s important — to count the blessings instead of the bumps in the road — and that makes life so much smoother.