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“I don’t believe in the myth of that magical place where everything exists in a state of persistent equilibrium. Life is messy. It’s supposed to be. And that’s a good thing. Hell, it’s a wonderful thing, because the fray is where the greatest relationships and experiences are birthed.”
~ Jonathan Fields, UNCERTAINTY

This week has been busy and roller coastery, full of the ups and downs and exhilaration and doubt that comes from leaning into the unknown. Last night, one of my oldest friends came over and we made pizza and drank wine and talked about life and love and the choices we make; ourselves, before and now. The kitchen got trashed, the pizzas were delicious, the conversation jumped chaotically from one thing to another, and I was crazy grateful for the sweet, (wonderfully messy) respite.

my jack-skellington o’lantern
ghost o’lantern

jb: And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…. the carved pumpkins. Ta-da! (And I’m cheating by posting two pictures this week, because I forgot to take a picture of them together. Oops.) It wasn’t the week or the Halloween we were expecting this year, because the cold and flu fairy decided to visit our house for 5 days. But my son and I made the most of it and were still able to get our pumpkins carved and he was well enough to go trick-or-treating and hand out candy. Yay!