j: I doodled this yesterday, waiting for my turn to be interviewed online by the lovely Andrea Lewiski for her very cool Curiosity Project. I was doodling myself calm because as my hour approached, my stomach and thoughts began to unsettle themselves, and it’s one thing to freak out privately, but a whole other level of holy-shit to do it online, while being taped. It worked a little, though when she activated my camera I still had that sudden downhill-on-a-roller-coaster lurch in my guts.

I doodle a lot now – in pockets of time too small to do much of anything else or in moments of internal unrest when I just need to calm the hell down. It’s free. It’s fast. Doodle therapy.

a giggle

jb: Earth laughs in flowers.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Okay, I admit it. I am completely stumped for words today. So stumped and desparate, that I actually Googled for quotes to go with this flower picture I took in my yard during the last seconds of golden sunlight on a lovely Fall day.

I will also share that one of my Google searches was for “quotes golden sunshine” and it returned… “Golden Sunlight Cheap http://www.nextag.com Cheap Deals for Golden Sunlight. Find NexTag Sellers’ Lowest Price!”

… which totally cracked me up! So today’s learning is… the earth laughs in flowers, and people laugh at Google ads. Or something like that. 🙂