j: Walking Lexi through a park we don’t usually visit, I came across this tower of tiled artwork by elementary school kids. I loved all the drawings, but this was my favorite. It was done by a third grader, which just amazes me (I wish I’d have gotten her name in this shot, but I was using my phone, wrestling Lexi, and in the process of getting very sick – the next two days were about to be horrible). For me, this picture is all about girl power – strength, agility, confidence, the climb we all face, literally and spiritually to realize our full potential. The fact that it was drawn by an 8-year-old makes me smile. If I’d been drawing pictures like this in third grade, I wonder who I’d be right now…

Lost and found

jb: Today was not the fun day we planned. That day was lost to us when we had to detour due to road closures for a BIG EVENT. And despite the efforts of Alfred-the-wonder-GPS, we couldn’t get to where we wanted to go, only drive in circles, ever more frustrated until it was too late to get where we wanted to be. We were a car full of sadness and despair.

Then we made our own detour to the farmers market, drank coffee/hot chocolate, ate a sweet treat, and found a used bookstore to check out “just for a minute” but stayed two-and-a-half hours reading, browsing, getting lost in the magic of books and the joy of completely unscheduled time — together.