J: There are a lot of reasons I practice yoga – to challenge myself, to learn the art of flow, to reach, breathe, feel my own strength. But more and more I find it’s the chance to meet myself that draws me irresistibly, every morning, to my mat.

Meeting myself for lunch

jb: This week, I attempted to move mindfully through my list of errands instead of dashing through them at my usual mach-5-with-my-hair-on-fire pace. I noticed leaves changing, sunshine through the trees and the fact that I’m actually hungry around noon. As I finished at the grocery store, I noticed the beautiful park that I used to take my son to for lunch in the days of strollers and doing errands together; I missed him and those days. Suddenly, it popped into my head “Why don’t I ever take myself to the park for lunch?” So I did. As I sat down at my bench with my grocery-deli sandwich, I saw this picture of myself. It’s how I’ve drawn myself my whole life, only I didn’t draw this picture; it was waiting for me at the one table of all the tables I could have chosen to sit at. I had a nice lunch with myself and I apologized for keeping myself waiting so long.