Dear Bee-by-the-White-Flowers,

While taking a rare moment of stillness myself this week, I saw you and noticed that you never stop moving. Ever. (Which makes you very difficult to take a picture of, by the way.) And I wondered… are you overwhelmed because there are so many flowers and so little time? Do you worry that you’ll never finish all the flowers in your lifetime? Are you frustrated that your work is never actually done, but repeated every single day? (If so, does “Buzz” mean “Grrr”?) Do you ever get to play? (And what do bees do for fun anyway?)

Or… have you already mastered what I have not? The ability to choose the most important flowers to work on; ending each day satisfied, knowing that you did your best work, grateful for the opportunity to do it all again tomorrow. (And if so, is “Buzz” your way of humming a happy tune while you work?) How do you know when to stop each day?

If you will please tell me your secret, I promise to stop and listen.

Oh, and thank you for sprinkling your pollen-pixie-dust on me as you flew by – wow!

jb (aka, Person-with-Camera-by-the-White-Flowers)

You inspired me to write this haiku for both of us:

So many flowers,
So little time. Choose wisely.
Now day is done. Bzzzz…

j: This picture is less about the berries than about having walked a path I’ve never walked before. Physically, on the day I took this picture. But all week long, and in fact for the last few weeks, I’ve been forging a path that aligns with my soul, tuning in carefully to me (maybe for the first time).