It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week — my wallet was stolen on the way home from camping. I thought after I’d adjusted from the shock, cancelled the credit cards and waited 2.5 hours at the DMV for a temporary license, the pain would be over. I was even grateful that the thieves left my purse, camera/vacation photos and checkbook behind. I hoped that they really needed the money and put it to good use. (Okay, I also hoped that if they didn’t really need the money, that karma find them quickly and teach them a painful lesson. So… I’m not a saint.) But the aftershocks continued all week – at the library, the bank, Costco, the doctor’s office. (Key learning: You can’t do anything without a picture ID. Not even get a replacement library card, even with a temporary license from DMV. My son was crushed when he had to put all his books back. Also, people treat you like a criminal if you don’t have a photo id.)

Now, I pounce on my mailbox daily – anxious to see what little piece of my lost life will be delivered. (Seriously, why does it take 2+ weeks for a replacement driver’s license and credit cards? Are they printing them by hand?)

And I just realized that I can’t send the pictures I took of Romeo (the beautiful dog, above, that I fell in love with while camping. He looks like the happiest wolf you’ve ever seen and talks whenever you ask him a question) to his owner, Anthony. Of course, I promised to send him the pictures when I got home. In fact, I put his email address in my wallet right away, so it wouldn’t get lost in all the camping clutter. Sigh…

So, if anyone knows Anthony and Romeo (in Fremont, California), please tell them I’m sorry and to contact me at TwojSundays (at) gmail (dot) com so I can send him the rest of Romeo’s pictures. I’m sure Romeo will have something to say about this lost wallet stuff as well.

j: I found this in my garage. I think it should be the picture in the dictionary under the word “contraption.”