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jb: Grandma always says “whatever you do on your birthday, you’ll do all year”. So, today I…

  • Was loved by my family (who made this delicious, chocolate, homemade Mickey Mouse birthday cake for me!)
  • Missed my Grandmother, even more than I do every day since she passed away just before my birthday last year.
  • Didn’t do any housework or chores, just to be safe.
  • Hugged, kissed, read to and played with my little boy – a lot!
  • Took pictures – just for fun!
  • Ate my favorite pizza for dinner (guilt-free!)
  • Made time to work out.
  • Was grateful for my family and friends — especially for the sister I chose, the one who is my sister in every way, except DNA.

j: I saw this little building when we arrived in Arcata, CA, for a week-long stay. It made me laugh. It’s just the nondescript building you see, and the “Yes, We’re Open” sign, but there’s nothing saying what they do. Is it a business, or maybe a statement of personal philosophy, as in, “Yes, we’re open-minded, stop in and tell us what you think. About anything. We’ll listen. We’ll make you feel safe and loved. We’re open, damn it… and we have cookies.”

I should have knocked.