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jb: I LOVE Disneyland and I LOVE fireworks. So, this picture pretty much represents my happiest thing in the happiest place on earth. (Aside from Star Tours and Tigger, of course.) We got the best spot EVER, right in front of the castle. And after over 40 minutes of poking, bribing, tickling and feeding too much sugar to the two 6 year-olds resting on our backs and shoulders in hopes of keeping them awake long enough to see the show – at last, BOOM! BANG! FIREWORKS!! And everyone said “OOOOOH!” at the same time and Tinkerbell flew and the Disney magic turned us all into kids again, the way only Disney magic can. And halfway through the show, in a rare moment of clear thinking, I remembered to fish out my camera from my overstuffed backpack while balancing a light saber between my knees and take this picture. OOOOOH!

j: This isn’t a flattering picture of me, the beasts or the space around my desk, BUT… it’s a perfect picture of how it looks when I’m working on A Month Of Sundays posts. This photo represents around 140 pounds of dog, which is cute when it’s lying at my feet, but when they get excited, it’s a chaotic, spazzy dance of happy at one gazillion miles per hour. (Cute too, but in a more dangerous sort of way.)

And since these guys only have two speed settings… we live a life of extremes in my house.