j: As part of my Love Project, I capture images of love. I’m especially fond of graffiti love. I found this on a wooden bench overlooking the Monterey Bay in Capitola. It says (or said, originally) “A + J = LOVE.” Everything is crossed out but the LOVE now, and that seemed funny to me at first, and then sad, and then profound. It was as if in this tiny bit of public defacement, a love affair played itself out. It touches me that whoever felt compelled to scratch out the initials of this drama’s principle players, left the LOVE to carry on.

jb: Another beautiful, overcast, summer day at my favorite beach. (Although in all honesty, all beach days are beautiful to me. Except maybe for those involving tsunamis or hurricanes. But since I haven’t experienced those events, I can’t say for sure. Most likely, I’d like those beach days, too – especially if I had my camera with me.) While walking down the beach with my pack of 6 year-old boys in search of treasure, I came across this treasure myself. I don’t know where the tiny occupants of these itty-bitty green chairs were. (Perhaps my herd of noisy boys scared them away? Or they were off having a nap somewhere? Or hiding their pots of gold from my treasure-hunting-herd?) But, I appreciate them sharing their perfect view with me, so I could share it with you.