j: I drew this while waiting for New York to legalize same-sex marriage. I wrote about that night here. I was so proud of them, so embarrassed by my own state’s record. Prop 8 broke my heart. An effort is underway to right that wrong now; my fingers are crossed. It truly is all about the love.

jb: A small miracle — my camera is actually ready and I’m looking in just the right place at just the right time. A leaf blows on to this drain cover, instantly transforming it into the happiest piece of city plumbing I’ve ever seen. Click – one quick photo. Another gust of wind and the leaf is gone, returning the drain cover to it’s regular, inanimate life — like Frosty without his magic hat. I’m still stunned that I witnessed this happy-plumbing miracle, let alone captured proof of it. Which makes me wonder… how many other fleeting smiles, human or otherwise, do I miss each day?