j: I love everything about this picture – the hike I was on when I took it, the hills that meet in the back ground, the blue sky, the fence… and the cows. Both of them. I want to play caption this.

White cow: Stop looking at her. If you stop looking at her, she’ll go away.

Brown cow: No way. I’m staring her down. This is my Chuck Norris glare.

jb: During our second week in Hawaii, I continued to give my new DLSR a workout by taking a minimum of 100,000 sunset pictures per day (which is only a slight exaggeration). But these beautiful little plumeria flowers made me wish for one feature that no camera has – to capture smell. Thanks to my overactive sinuses, I usually prefer an unscented world, since even some of my favorite flowers give me a screamer-of-a-headache. But these little guys – used to make leis and haku (lei’s worn on your head or wrists) – smell so beautiful, exotic, delicious and yet not headache-inducing at all. I ran around like a little kid smelling these flowers everywhere I found them (which was literally everywhere!) and finally remembered to take a picture of one our last day…