j: I love stumbling onto art unexpectedly. I didn’t stumble onto this, though, a friend did, and then she drove me to it because she was so excited. This stunning stairway is at 16th Avenue and Moraga in San Francisco, the result of a neighborhood effort to “create a beautiful mosaic running up the risers of the 163 steps.” I think they succeeded. Wowza!

jb: At first glance, it’s just another Hawaiian sunset. But look very closely, do you see… our family’s first REAL vacation (other than camping or places that ends in “land” or “world”), my 6yo son’s first plane flight (including the awesome Hawaiian airlines captain that let him sit in the co-pilot seat, AND even press one of the buttons, while insisting that I take pictures – all because I asked the flight attendant if they do anything special for a kid’s first flight. WOW!), and my first trip with a digital SLR (where I proceeded to take an embarrassing number of Hawaiian sunset pictures, which I will spare you from, except for this one).