jb 6/5/2011

jb: Friday was his beautiful and moving kindergarten graduation. (Seriously, not a dry eye in the house. Thirty kindergartners singing and signing Libby Roderick’s “How can anyone ever tell you, you are anything less than beautiful…”) Now, here’s my little kindergarten graduate on the first day of summer vacation — making the most of a freak rainstorm.

j: I fell hard for this little guy. He was in a small tank at the San Francisco Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. Before I took this shot, he was on the move, gliding more gracefully than anything with eight legs and suction cups has a right to. I was mesmerized. I told him he was beautiful, whispered it against the glass. Embarrassed, he retreated into the baby food jar. I caught him with my camera at the pause, just before he squeezed inside, the moment when he turned back, and our eyes met, and I knew… no octopus would ever make me feel this way again.